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Some say the internet is a great boon, that e-readers will kill print media and that mobile phones are indispensible. Others insist 'scientists are close to building a computer that has consciousness and can think, in other words emulate human intelligence. And everywhere we see people who are fused to their cell phones, blackberrys, smart phones and mp3 players. Are we being elslaved by technology.

As usual The Daily Stirrer and the Blogs in the Greenteeth Labyrinth refuse to subscribe to the 'wisdom of the crowd' and take a sceptical view of technology. It is a good thing but if we become too reliant on things like Sat Nav, databases, search engines and decision engines will we start to loose what makes us human.

Browse these posts for an objective take on the dubious benefits of technology. And when someone tries to tell you a new gadget or technology that they want you to buy with be so brilliant you will wonder how you ever managed without one, always ask, "Cui Bono;" Who gains?

Article And Posts on Technology in The Greemteeth Multi Media Labyrinth
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Google and Skype Wage War On Your Individuality
As the stream of propaganda continues to flow over us bearing the message that technology is progress, the internet will change everything for the better and that anyone who dissents is anti social and anti progress, technology consultant Ian R Thorpe warns we must be prepared to fight for our individualism against operators like google and skype whose message is: the machines are smater than you ...

Meat and Milk From Clones To Be Sold To The Public - Not Dangerous Just More Science Control Freakery
An item that caught our eyes and ears in today's news reported that the Food Standards Agency has published its final recommendation on the controversial issue of whether consumers should be allowed to buy meat and dairy products from cloned animals or the offspring of cloned animals ...

Volunteer Force Of 100,000 To Get Millions More Online
Prime Minister David Cameron and the government's information technology adviser Martha Lane Fox and have unveiled a new initiative to extend a network of digital champions to evangelise the joys of the internet and persuade more people to get online to do business, socialise and seek entertainment ...

Sony Takes On Apple In Tablet Wars
Tablet PCs have become the main drivers of growth for many electronics companies. The Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony is the latest contender to announce a foray into the market, unveiling two new devices [ ... ]Sales of tablet PCs have been booming globally, led by the success of Apple's latest triumph of hype over substance, the overpriced and ...

Is There A Need For HD Audio On Mobile Phones
The Daily Stirrer and its predecessors have always been sceptical of the rapid advance of technology. There is nothing wrong with gadgets of course it is just the way they are marketed and the planned obsolecence built into them, ensuring each unit sold will need to be replaced in three years or less otherwise the owner will face loss of social kudos and self esteem.

Google Algorithm Scam
According to Google PR spin their lastest algorithm changes were aimed at downgraing content farms rankings and rewarding ' good quality' content. It seems however some content farms have done well out of the changes while a lot of sites and online businesses that do provide good quality content have experiencesd a drastic fall off in internet traffic...

Shakespeare A Great Writer? Computer Says No.
Computer scientists keep telling us they are on the verge of building a computer that can think, understand the semantics of language and generally do all those things that define a human being. So can computers with the lastest in artificial intelligence mark English examinations for schools ... computer says no ...

Internet Threat To Civilisation
The Daily Stirrer along with many other commentators who are not easily brainwashed by corportate and government propaganda has reported many times on the dangers posed by the internet and yet people become more obsesed with the wor;ld wide web, social networking and online gaming. Now neurologists are starting to express concern.

Electric Cars Are Too Expensive
Ford's chief financial officer has warned predictions of a surge in electric car sales are "very ambitious", as next generation vehicles dominate the Geneva Motor Show.
The Intenet Is Making Us All Stupid
The more gullible and wide eyed among academics, the kind of people who worship Apple technology like the iPhone and iPad, like to burble ecstatically about how the internet has ushered in a new age of creativity. We have to wonder just how much time these self styled experts have spent surfing scial networking sites ...

It's The Car Of The Future - And It Runs On Petrol
How long have those research grant phishing, statistics rigging, peer review fiddling sciencyheads been telling us the car of the future would be powered by electricity? This was despite their best efforts after Squillions of Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Yen only having produced a hybrid that required both an electric motor and an internal combusion unit to ...

Electric Car Mini Adventure
The famous advert for the BMW owned Mini depicts plucky little cars getting into scrapes and escaping by using their speed, engineering quality and a bit of panache. Governments and climate weirdie beardies may push electric cars but somehow we can't see these slow, heavey, short range vehiciles cutting it as objects of desire.

My Google, Why Have You Forsaken Me?
Internet search engine company Google says its latest algorithm update is aimed at downgrading the ranking of content farms such as demand media and associated content. It seems however that the small, independent site web site owners are the ones being hit hardest. Is this any surprise as such sites cannot afford to pay Google to diect traffic that way. The move reduces blogging to glorified social networking and drives unusual content to the margins of the web

Google and the Surveillance Society
Just how much data are Google gathering on private individuals? And are other internet and hi - tech firms far behind in their efforts to trash our private lives and force us all to live online in full view of the world. This article reports how far the internet has gone in letting fascistic corporations ride roughshod over privacy laws.
Sat Nave Suzie
Boggart Blog loves Sat Nav stories. We love all stories that make those people trying to turn science into a religion and make technology one of its idols look stupid. Not that we are against science and technology, we are simply against the kind of people who try to tell us what we can and can't think. And if we give up map reading slikks and the power to think for ourelves then when the machines go wrong as sat nav often does, we're fucked. As a young friend of ours found out.

Apple Launches Its iPerv App
Apple launched the latest App for its gadgets this week, a bit of software that monitors internet connections for signs of paedophiles trying to contact kids. If it is not called the iPerv App it should be. We foresee problems however. It will take the average kid about five seconds to learn how to disable it

Facebook Suicide
n a week in which the ever more fickle mainstream media have been heaping praise on Facebook simply because somebody who it either an idiot or an evil control freak is willing to pay around $25billion for this site that has never made a penny in profit despite its (very dubious) claims to have 600 million users worldwide and has no busimess model other than encouraging people to become addicted to the 'virtual' lifestyle it offers and thus abandon real life, we are saddened by this story of another ...

Don't Be Evil - That's Google's Job
Has technology in general and the internet in particular delivered on its promise? Have the innovations had any real value in improving the societies we live in? Google promised a new way of managing information They gave us a way of not managing the vast quantity of information available on the internet but simply presenting not the mosr relevant information but the most popular. Now Google promise their search engine will prioritise content over popularity. What's the betting the "content" it places on top of the pile is that which earns Google the most revenue?

You Get What You Deserve.
Are mobile phones, celphones as they are called in some parts, destroying good manners and the basic civility we need in order for ociety to finction? In the internet destroying our way of life? Are we becoming slaves to technology? Boggart Blog's resident technophobe Fatsally has a few things to say on that.

Are We Becoming Internet Lab Rats

Not for the first time the ever Increasing amount of information thrown at us from the internet via computer and smart phone interfaces hasve been identified as the cause of “bottlenecks” in the brain, preventing any deep thought. This view comes in a new essat from Nicholas Carr, former executive editor of the Harvard Business Review.

Anti - Social NetworkingThe people who are grabbing control of the internet, Schmidt, Page and Brin, Zuckerberg et al should make us afraid, very afraid. They are all nerds you see. Now we all know some geeks, they're harmless, a bit obsessed with science and technology they spend too much time hunched over their computer ... Nerds are different however. They want to control the technology so they can control the internet so they can control the information so they can control the world. And then they want to programme us all to be like them.

Internet Anti Virus Scam Gangsters are tricking internet users into buying anti-virus protection that is actually malicious software in disguise, security experts have warned. Investigators fear the hacking gangs are pocketing millions of pounds by infiltrating customers’ computers and stealing their banking details...read about how blind faith in the internet threatens us all

Self Driving Cars Are The Latest Dehumanizing Development
Don't be evil, that's Google's job. The world's greatest corporate Nazis are always eager to promote the latest dehumanizing technological advance. The most recent project they revealed from a long line of technologies aimed at cutrailing our ability to think for ourselves and make our own choices is the self driving car. No doubt the Evil Empire will sell this as something to keep us safe and ...

Effin Hopeless: A Rant about the internet, ISPs, customer service and the general crappiness of everything.
As we regard the state of western civilisation with it's 'liberating' internet that puts all the information in the world (and fart lighting videos) at our fingertips, lives lived online by increasingly isolated and dysfunctional people, the ability of authoritarian governments to control information and the politicians parallel and contradictory exhortations to reduce our carbon footprint and start spending to get the economy back in growth we are entitled to ask "Why are you telling us everything is great when experience tells us everthing is very, very crappy."

Segway Into Insanity
Even as the case for global warming made by climate change science crumbles, the green get rich quick schemes get nuttier and nuttier. Take the Segway electric scooter being promoted by former MP Lembit Opik. This mode of ecofriendly transport technology is neither green, safe nor practical but it is advertized as all three.

Apple iPad Will Not Rewrite The Book
The word on the street for nearly twenty years has been e books will kill print, the internet will kill traditional media. With the launch of the latest e book reader and the latest overpriced, overhyped, under achieving gadget from Apple former Iinformation Technology consultant Ian R Thorpe can't see the death of print occurring yet for a few centuries.
Apple iPad: Another Pointless Product For Pointless People
One of the reasons we established this page was to fire broadsides at marketing and public relations hype. Apple is a company that built is success on highly manipulative hype by persuading people to buy expensive technology that performs less well than much cheaper versions but has a prettier logo. The launch of Apple's most pointless gadget yet, the iPad was a natural target.
The Apple Of His LiverWill Steve Jobs liver transplant be the inspiration for a range of new high technology replavement vital organs all prefixed with the letter 'i' for branding purposes?
The Great, The Gullible and the Apple iPad
One of the reasons we established this page was to fire broadsides at marketing and public relations hype. Apple is a company that built is success on highly manipulative hype by persuading people to buy expensive gadgets that perform less well than much cheaper versions. The launch of Apple's most pointless gadget yet, the iPad was a natural target.

Folding Plug Wins Another Useless Gadget Design Award.
Politicians and leading science and technology commentators were quick to hail the inventor of a new folding mains plug as a genius. But who needs a folding mains plug? Or has the guy mistaken the powrer transformer for his laptop computer for a bulky, overweight mains plug?

V2G, Technology You Can't Believe In

Vehicle to Grid ( V2G), the new idea for clean, pollution free cars. Probably the craziest and most ueseless idea yet from the "Let's make a quick buck out of climate change" fear and panic industry...

Science - A Career For Tossers
Science is a career for tossers. That sounds like a sweeping generalisation so let's clarify. Nothing wrongs with physics, chemistry or biology, stuff like oceanography, electronics, hydraulics, applied sciences, they're good too. When people tell you they are scientists though its too vague. It usually means they are irritating little droids who go around with clipboards asking stupid questions.

Goodbye Analogue, hello BskyB. The Digital TV Scam
The great digital television switchover is well under way but do we really need digital TV and as usual should we not be asking cui bono? Who benefits. Digital is an inferior technology for all but cable TV and do we really need 200 channels all of which are showing pure shite and 195 of which show shite we have seen before?

The Little Robot With Emotions "The world’s first robot to be able to display and detect emotions has been unveiled by European scientists. The humanoid machine, called Nao, hunches its shoulders when it feels sad and raises its arms for a hug when it feels happy. It has been designed to mimic the emotional skills of a one-year-old child and is capable of forming bonds with people who treat it with kindness. Nao is able to detect human emotions through a series of ...

Is The Internet Making Us All Stupid.
The more gullible and wide eyed among academics like to burble ecstatically about how the internet has ushered in a new age of creativity. We have to wonder just how much time these self styled experts have spent surfing scial networking sites

Web Induced Dementia
In most civilised societies there are laws governing what outrageous claims advertisers can make for their products. This does not apply on the web it seems, where 'revolutionary new world changing technology' means 'not fit for purpose'

Who Needs HDTV
Do you ever wonder why you bought all your stuff? Do you really need a new cellphone every two years and how many times have you replaced a perfectly good computer because something new had come of the market. Technology is the biggest scam ever. For example, why do we need HDTV?

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Václav Havel, poet, philosopher and President of the Czech Republic made an extraordinary speech condemning the science obsessed, consumerism addicted culture forstered by the new academic elite. Though not a religious man himself Havel made some very insighful points about our disconnected (broken?) society in the western nations.

Egypt Sectarian Violence
Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayyeb, a leading Sunni Muslim, has called for talks with members of the Egyptian Family, an organisation of Muslim and Christian clerics, “in a bid to contain the sectarian crisis that has ...

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Climate Geoengineering Scam - As Britiush scientists pull back from loonytoons experiments with the ecosystem gung ho Americans prove the whole scam was only ever about money, fame and political power ...

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Apple founder and self anoited messiah Steve Jobs is dead. Now perhaps thevworld can return to sanity and see that all those geeks who bought gadgets thinking they were buying sef esteem need help. Technologist Ian Thorpe looks at Apple's success and finds it was based on hype.

Cambridge Admits Country Bumpkin
Despite the continued impression that Cambridge University will only admit the elite of the country's youth, those of sharp intellect and proven academic ability who have impressed the interviewers with their willingness to advance an argument and then forge forward onto,

Shrunken Hero
Hubby returns home from work and mentions that he has been listening to an interview with the author Lee Child, creator of the man-mountain, anti-hero vigilante who roams America saving damsels in distress, righting wrongs and kicking ...

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Health Experts Pathetic and Stupid
Actually “pathetic and stupid” is how “health expert” Professor Philip James, from the delightfully named “International Association for the Study of Obesity” described the government’s health strategy, announced yesterday. Prof James went on to say that the junk food industry “manipulated” individuals into consuming their products and that was why legislation was needed.Hmmm would the “International Association for the Study of Obesity” be the same group that has been accused of taking millions of pounds from drug companies who make …..oh….. anti-obesity drugs ... ?

Common Sense not Sociology Will Improve Diets
That’s the idea: the Anderson family with their homegrown vegetables (Photo: Kevin Holt) Who’d be a parent? First one study from the Universities of Pennsylvania and Appalachian States claims to indicate that children who are nagged to eat their vegetables actually eat less of them. Now another piece of research from Babraham Institute in Cambridge…

The Perfect British Loaf
Perfect toast: have a look at this. Below is a Sherston loaf from Hobbs House bakery in the Cotswolds turned into a “toaster”. This the bakery’s most popular loaf. The bread is made using the overnight sponge method, which allows the dough to ferment slowly and develop flavour. This traditional sponge-and-dough, two-stage process is relatively…

Economists Are Such Idealists
It’s not just Labour politicians who have been laying into David Cameron’s conference speech that “the only way out of a debt crisis is to deal with your debts”, or his claim that the Government’s austerity programme has given the country record low interest rates. Labour has got plenty of heavyweight support from the economics…

Labour's Voodoo Economics
Ever since losing the election, Labour has been running the argument that deficit reduction is counter-productive, since raising taxes and cutting spending crimps growth and therefore actually increases the size of the deficit rather than reducing it. In the wake of this week’s alarming unemployment figures, both Ed Milliband and Ed Balls have been turning…

Australia Commits Suicide
One of the worst aspects of living in these apocalyptic times is that whenever you look around the world, wondering where you might escape to, you begin to realise that everywhere else is just as bad if not worse. Take Australia, an island built on fossil fuel with an economy dependent on fossil fuel. What ...

Is The Internet Sexist?
Will Hutton woke me up with a bang this morning. Or rather, the vice-chairman of the Work Foundation made me sit up in bed when he shared his startling insight on women’s unemployment with listeners of the Today programme. As David Cameron’s feminist critics have been pointing out for months now, the Coalition cuts have…

Why The Slump In Living Standards Could Be A Good Thing - Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph
OK, so the headline was written to provoke, but from a macro-economic point of view, there is a sense in which the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ finding of the longest slump in household finances on record is actually a quite positive development. How come? It can surely never be a good thing for living standards to…

How Can We Stop Another Great Depression
When a man like Steve Keen says the trillions spent on refinancing the banks has truly stuffed us, we really should listen. I cannot claim to have understood everything in the lecture: Sonnenschein-Mantel-Debreu theory and the 41-line differential equation were approximately 15.8 metres over my head. But the points I grasped were clear enough. We're stuffed: stuffed to a degree that scarcely anyone yet appreciates ...

Taxman Ignores The Mega Rich To Go After Miss Whiplash - Ian Cowie
Private tutors, lifestyle coaches and even providers of ‘personal services’ are, accountants claim, among the latest groups to be targeted by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for non-payment of tax. Following similar ‘pay up or else’ ultimatums issued to plumbers, dentists and other occupations where tax evasion is suspected, HMRC is setting a new deadline…

United Nations Accused Of Suppressing Religious Freedom In Poor Countries
The UN believes in freedom of religion; at least, it passed the “Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief” in 1981. The UN also promotes women’s rights – as can be seen in Article 1 of its Charter. What happens though when the two “rights” clash? Simple.…
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Why tuition fees are terrible news for the humanities - India Knight
This afternoon I paid my tuition fees for the fourth and final time. A few minutes later, I received the lecture lists for the new term, and I've undertaken some mercenary calculations. Oxford, along with all other government-subsidised ... (Exellent comment threart on this article)
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Can A Biomass Boiler Keep Your Home Warm
Julian Morrison is a developer with a powerful interest in energy conservation. His restored and extended house, the Ginny Ring, on the Llangollen Canal at St Martin’s Moor near Oswestry in Shropshire, is a kind of love affair with wood. “It is made largely of oak, and the extension is timber frame made of oak,” he says. Windows, doors, curtain poles and stairs were all handmade by a local craftsman. But the pièce de résistance is the biomass gasification boiler, kept like a hungry beast in an ...

Who Is More Obsessed With Satanic Sex, The Church Or The Politically Correct Left?
A subtle rewriting of history is taking place on the back of the Amanda Knox acquittal. Reading feminist commentary on the case, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Catholic Church and its weird obsession with Satanic cults are ultimately to blame for Knox’s sorrows. Apparently, the Church, being stuck in the fifteenth century,…

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